Dublin Coach

Dublin Coach lead the way in Passenger Safety with MANTIS

John O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Dublin Coach

“TomTom Telematics has become a critical tool for reducing fuel consumption, encouraging good driver behaviour and aiding us with our Tachograph compliance. The Telematics system has undoubtedly improved the availability of our coach services allowing us to make more informed decisions and speedily resolve any issues. By integrating MANTIS vehicle CCTV solution in our Coaches, it has increased the protection of our passengers and drivers, as well as proving any false insurance claims. MANTIS has certainly given our company a leading edge in this competitive environment.”


The Company

Dublin Coach has been an industry leader in the transport sector since they first began their service operation in 2008. Since then, they have developed multiple services nationwide whilst always maintaining the company slogan of providing Quality in Transport. The fleet of high-end coaches are easily recognised by their fresh distinctive green livery. Being prompt, luxurious and affordable, are key elements of their business ethos, and from their extensive list of available journeys, they show true commitment to providing a high standard of customer service.

MANTIS are the leading provider of Vehicle CCTV and Telematics within the UK and Ireland. We deal with customers from SME to Blue Chip Companies across all sectors, and have won industry awards for Customer Service and Road Safety. Always aiming to keep our customers up to date, we provide leading solutions and ultimately improve business efficiency the MANTIS way.

The Challenge

Dublin Coach have a fleet of over 100 coaches, ranging from single deck, double deck, tourers, vintage coaches and bendy buses. Running bus services is a highly competitive business with margins tight and the need to contain costs paramount. For Dublin Coach the problems are further compounded by the raise in insurance claims and cash for crash schemes. They needed a solution that could both help to prevent accidents and prove when they were not at fault which would ultimately keep their drivers safer and insurance costs to a minimum. With Dublin Coach being responsible for a large number of people every minute of the day, increases the chance of larger insurance claims, making it vital that they receive a reliable solution. Together, the company aims to be prompt, reduce fuel costs, increase public safety and decrease insurance claims.

 The Solution

To improve the situation, TomTom LINK 510 had been fitted, plotting the position of each vehicle and transmits it back continuously to the traffic office in Dublin where staff can see the precise location of each bus in real time and know if it is running to schedule or not. Buses running ahead of schedule could leave people stranded and late running could result in late arrival. This can lead to complaints and even claims for the cost of alternative travel arrangements.

Dublin Coach chose the TomTom Fuel Management system, as the business felt fuel could be saved by improving driver behaviour and reducing excess idling. This system enables the company to manage the fleet 24 hours a day. Driver behaviour improvement is completed by bringing into place a new driver scheme, with TomTom Opti-Drive 360 scoring drivers based upon speeding, idling, harsh driving and fuel consumption. This encourages a healthy competition amongst drivers to promote safer driving.

The Telematics system calculates the speed at which the coaches travel and which helps to reduce incidents of speeding. This creates a safety benefit as well as helping to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance downtime. Occasionally coaches break down and when this happens the Telematics system can pinpoint its position, speeding up the arrival of assistance. Road closures can also occur and may require a diversion route. The system identifies any deviation allowing the traffic office to keep passengers better informed.

The TomTom telematics Pro 8275 Truck driver terminals on Touring buses, use live traffic information to predict accurate ETAs. This in turn has assisted Dublin Coach to reduce delay significantly.

Safety is a huge concern, so alerts for door and luggage compartment openings were installed, increasing the safety of the public and their belongings. In addition, with the ability to put HD 1080p multi-camera systems in their single and double decker buses, it meant they were protected by any further insurance claims and false accusations. In return, giving the driver more confidence when on the road. 

With TomTom’s Tachograph Manager, Tachographs are now downloaded remotely providing analysis, driver infringement letters and help Dublin Coach to forecast when breaks are required. This reduces admin and streamlines the tachograph process. Compliancy is made easy with this system, making sure deadlines are met as well as saving valuable working time.